Megan Crookshanks LMT
'Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.' -Chinese Proverb


Jeannette Napoleon: With a bad sprain of my wrist, Megan helped soothe it and my nerves.


Tessa Riley : Megan is an excellent masseuse, I would definitely recommend to anyone!!


Theresa Johnson:  What can I say about Megan except that I trust her. I have put my self into Megan\\\'s hands for a few years now and I really love the experience. It can be as interactive as you want it to be or not at all. I love how she has me breathe into some of the positions, it is so helpful. If I have ANY questions, before, during or after, she is happy to give suggestions. I really can\\\'t say enough about her. Now that I am writing this testimonial, I am reminded to go an make another appointment, which shall be done. :^) To sum up, Megan is caring, professional and very well qualified to meet you needs. You will not be disappointed.


Diane Heisner:  Megan is awesome. She can renew your sore & tired body better than anyone I know.

Jen Fenderson : Megan's massage is wonderful! She is both highly intuitive and skilled and is able to tailor the session to my needs every time. I love her emphasis on breathing and therapeutic stretching. I always feel like she truly cares about my well-being smile

Alexandra Eaks:  Megan is amazing! I work with my hands for a living and am on my feet a lot. After my session with her I am pain free for the rest of the month! Thank you Megan!

Jon T.  Megan has all the qualities of a great massage therapist; she is skilled, thorough, knowledgeable, and strives to teach you to make the necessary changes to improve your overall health. 

Jim A. 
Wonderful personal service. She provided great attention to the specific needs of my body and the pains I have acquired from being in the military and a former police officer. I work outside now, my body is always ridden with pain, and I can say that when I left her office, I felt better than I had in ten years or more. I would highly recommend her. Thank you Megan, and be assured I will be back!

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