Massage By Megan LMT - Springfield, MO




I would like to invite you to experience the relief  and relaxation massage therapy can provide .  My name is Megan Crookshanks  and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006. Through years of hands on experience with both relaxation and therapeutic massage, I have been able to help my clients find their pain free body!

Let me help you reach your  wellness goals!

About Your Session

 Massage sessions can be scheduled online by clicking the "Schedule Now" button on the "Schedule Online" page.

Massage services are provided at Circle  Holistic Life Center in the Walnut Historic District,  just 3 blocks west of National .  You will be asked to fill out some paperwork prior to your appointment time in the spacious and light filled reception area so that Ican assess any individual needs or concerns for your session.  Then I will show you the quiet and comfortable treatment room where you will receive your session.  Massage is always about your body and throughout the session I will periodically check in with you to make sure pressure and technique are meeting your needs.  After your session has concluded, you will be offered water and we can discuss any concerns found during your treatment, as well as future treatment needs. 




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